Story App is a fun, engaging way that people can record their life story in short audio clips over a period of time. The audio clips are tagged and curated into an audio autobiography which family members can access perpetually to remember their loved one and the stories of their life. Accessible to non-tech savy audiences and geared for gen-x.


My Process


Stoyrteller's Recording a Story

This user flow focuses on a storyteller signing up for an account, recording a story, and accessing features below.

Through this flow, storyteller's have the ability to:

  • Select family members and send them stories
  • Tag the title the story falls under
  • Categorize the recording 
  • Mark the year it was recorded 

At a high-lelvel, this would archive their legacy through audio based narritives for their grand children and generations to come.

Listener's Asking a Question

This user flow focuses on listener's asking a question.

Through this flow, listener's have the ability to:

  • Access the question feature on the home screen
  • Listen to previously recorded stories through the stories navigation.


We designed the navigational bar to hold high-level tasks based on our competitive research and how other competitors like Clubhouse nested actions

Design System


High-Fi Wireframes

Storyteller's Recording a Story


Listener's Listening to A Story


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