Enhancing our client's user experience through Momentum's sales pipeline and alleviating internal pain points with; communication, time, and revenue.  Through various research methodologies, user flows, and complex information architecture, I developed a solution for our internal sales pipeline. This experience would increase revenue, build user trust, and elevate our overal product experience. 


My Process


Competitor Analysis

Through our secondary market research & competitive analysis, I wanted to blueprint what other competitors were doing in the digital design space; how they crafted their contact experiencewhat features they offered, and what their price point was.

I analyzed two indirect comeptitors: 

  • Fjord / Accenture Interactive
  • Work & Co

One direct competitor:

  • Airdev


I chose competitive analysis to gain a deeper sense of what other competitors were doing in this space and how they were solving the this problem. We identified that airdev was our direct competitor in terms of design capabilities, development offerings, and price point. 


User Persona

Through primary and secondary research findings, I idenitified that our target user was C-level executives or Co-founders. In conjunction we found that most of our clientele are founders in the early stage startup phase with pre-seed or Series A funding


Two reasons:

1) I discovered that based on our condesed or agile design phases, we are able to execute MVP products with short time contstraints

2) We use no-code software which allows for higher affordability for development build outs and less money spent long-term to maintain product revamps. 


Information Architecture

Site Map


User Flow


Mid-Fi Wireframes


Based on my secondary research methodology competitive analysis, I isolated that the market was lacking a more immersive user experience when contacting an agency about a potential project

So how does my research connect to my designs?

As a result, I designed a high-level 5 step product intake form that would better gauge potential clients scope of work, focus, and budget. This would give the user a more detailed and immersive experience on what Momentum's capabilities are. 

It would also help the agency cut 20% of its meeting times and enhance it's revenue stream by cutting any outreach that didnt match our profit margins. 



High- Fidelity Wireframes

Design System


To Developers with Love

A high-level overview of how I work with developers and what assets I "hand" to them. As a designer I would describe a developer as the super hero and the designers as the side-kicks. We work hand in hand and one can not function without the other. Below you will find a list of what I give developers after the ideation phase:


  • Link to Figma design files - typically a high-fi prototype that displays the interations
  • "Sticky note" components that explain or draw attention to design decisions

Styles and Components

  • A design system - With all of the living and breathing hi-fi components 
  • Layers - Properly named layers to increase development time 


  • Properly names pages - Detailed description for easy development and navigation
  • Component page - This would hold mid to high-fi components showing developers how they function

This Case Study is In progress and currently being built :) 

Selected Works

ElsevierProduct Design

Story AppProduct / UX Design

Pet ConnectProduct Design

BlockbusterUX UI Design

SephoraUX UI Design

Toy WizUX UI Design

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